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Women have always been fascinated by the elegance and charm of jewellery. If you are a passionate ornament lover and posses an archive of immense jewelleries of all kinds like sterling silver earrings, elegant silver rings, bracelets and beautiful necklaces then you have probably included Cartier Love Bracelet collection as a hobby. In fact, this is such a habit that is stated to have been a part of the lifestyle of women and will still continue to remain the same in the present and future times. Jewellery is an intricate part of body adornment that has been incorporated in use by men and women through the ages. In fact, archaeological researchers state that the evidence that human civilisation wore pieces of jewellery dates back to over 100,000 years. These men and women usually adorned beautiful seashells over their attire which made their ensemble more appealing. The exclusive history of ornaments and jewellery offers information about how the art evolved and the transitions that it went to reach the modern times through the ages. It played an immensely important role in the society and is an exclusive part of the culture. In 2006 however, researchers discovered some beads made from Nassarius shells from the remains of a human body engraved under the soil. These beads are aged somewhat in between 100,000 to 135,000 which states that humans used beads as the form of jewellery. These beads were of various sizes and textures which emphasizes the fact that these were merely used as decorative pieces of jewellery, rather than incorporated for commercial usage like for currency. However some beads that were discovered in Africa were the only known oldest form of human jewellery that dated back to 25,000 years. But with this discovery, the art of jewellery making has surely included quite a few years to its age. These evidences reflect that humans adorned several jewelleries in various forms and textures extensively for thousands and thousands of years. Hence when you view jewelleries manufactured from naturally available substances like wood, bones and stone, ensure that you do not mistake them for inexpensive items but as the forms of jewelleries that has given rise to the modern jewellery industry. In fact, the jewellery industry of today has its roots way back to 3000 and 5000 years in ancient Egypt. It was in this land that Cartier Love Bracelet Replica making materials took a leap from the naturally available ones to the metallic jewelleries. With the discovery of metals ornament manufacturing became extremely intricate. These metals started to be used extensively for creating beautifully crafted jewellery. The art of jewellery making started to reach out to certain major cities like Mesopotamia known as Iraq in the modern times. However by 1500BC ancient Greeks were using gold and precious gems encrusted in their jewels. Bronze jewellery began to be considered as extremely common pieces of jewellery by the Romans at that time. Gold and silver along with expensive stones used to be regarded as the most precious and craved metals among the society. Ancient Egyptians were the ones who actually popularised the art of gold jewellery since it was extremely easy to work and engrave designs on the metal. Gold was regarded as the most expensive metal and received the status of being the most luxurious and powerful metal in the Egyptian society, at that time. Another major factor why gold became the most powerful metal was because silver had to be imported from other western countries like the Ancient Greece and Roman Italy. However, the Egyptian empire of Cleopatra and Anthony attained a set back in the battle of Actium in 31 BC against the powerful Roman Empire. Egyptian goldsmiths were then supplied with immense quantities of low cost and hugely available silver so that they can use their craftsmanship to compose incredibly exquisite jewellery and other household items. With time however, the jewellery industry began to widespread across all major nations from Ancient Greece and Rome, Middle East to Europe and even as far as the Roman Empire including Britain. The people of these countries recognized gold as their most preferred metal and to a lesser extend silver also. Gladiators of ancient times however induced in using well crafted Cartier Love Ring clasps and brooches for necessity more than ornamental value. With time, these clasps became a symbol of power and dignity. Noblemen would often wear brooches of elaborate designs and started wearing more and more such pieces to outdo their peers. Belts and rings were then introduced that would be encrusted with gold and precious stones. The sterling silver jewellery industry received great recognition from the 17th century and became extremely popular by the 19th century that offered exquisite designs and ele



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