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Sophim produces Vegetable Squalane (Phytosqualan), Phytowax, Cerester, MC30 and Sophiderm.

Sophim is a fine chemical company located in Provence, south of France.They are specialist of squalane production for cosmetic industries since 1988 and they have developed a range of natural, oil-free and vegetable products for Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals industries. 

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Zlatan - Perfume

A new swedish Fine Fragrance line will soon be launched in Europe. Zlatan Ibrahimovic Parfums

Innovative Destillates & Extracts

We can now offer innovative Natural Destillates and Extracts. We would like to highlight Spray Crystallised Chocolate powder. It has many benefits for a wide range of applications and is soluable in water! Other exempels are: Extrakts of Pepper, The, Saffron, Ginger and Wasabi. Destillates of fruits, spices, vegetables and nuts. And many more...

Natural blue colour

Now we can offer a natural blue colour from Spirulina. Please contact us for a sample!



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